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My theme in A Truthful Myth is that science is never done. Now the best argument yet in support of that tenet: On Sept 19, 2014 the WSJ published an essay authored by Dr. Steven Koonin, who served in the first Obama administration as undersecretary for science in the Energy Dept. with the headline “Climate science … Continue reading

Definitely Our Fault

November2014: The UN Climate Panel again concluded that climate change is happening and that it’s almost entirely man’s fault, and that we have to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to zero by century’s end. I wonder how they know that?

Someone Agrees!

In response to recent efforts to impose carbon taxes in the questionable quest to save us from man-made global warming devastation, the Wall Street Journal on June 30, 2014 published an Opinion that “There will always be inherent scientific uncertainty regarding a phenomenon as dynamic and complex as the Earth’s climate,  …” My sentiments exactly … Continue reading

U.S. Gov’t Report May 2014

The U.S. government in their “scientific” report issued May 6, 2014, trumpeted by our president, warns us of the adverse impacts of our man-caused global warming happening RIGHT NOW, referring to recent adverse weather events  [which  in my studies have happened before and will happen again, and upon which there appears to be no scientific … Continue reading

Latest United Nations Five Year Report — What to Think?

I have not posted on climate change for quite awhile as I continue writing the sequel to A Truthful Myth, but it’s impossible to refrain. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just issued its summary statement, with no details yet released, that with 95% confidence 97% of climate scientists agree that humans have caused most, … Continue reading

Hold the Global Warming for Awhile

After speaking about global warming during 2011 at book stores, book clubs, radio shows and cable TV, along with sending the novel and a solution to the issue to key members of Congress, I am putting the subject on hold at the start of 2012 as I begin work on my sequel – an action … Continue reading

17th Annual UN Climate Conference: Frustration!

Similar to Copenhagan in 2009 and Cancun in 2010, the just concluded 2011 climate change conference in Durban ended in frustration that the largest emitters of greenhouse gases cannot agree on legally binding limits as their expanding populations and economies require additional energy resources just as new fossil fuel sources are being found and developed. … Continue reading

MyClimateChange Dialogue

Appearing on Manhattan cable TV in early November 2011, you can check out my discussion by reference to YouTube: global warming hanshi’s world

Man-Induced Weather Extremes?

One of the authors of the UN’s climate change panel’s Special Report Nov 2011 claimed its conclusions serve “as a wake-up call”. Maybe so, but it also reaffirms my message that “science is never done”. The report indicates “low confidence” in attributing any balme for hurricanes, cyclones, and tornadoes, while only “medium confidence” to the … Continue reading

Latest Radio Interview

Glimpse my global warming message this week at issuestodayradio.com Guests Listen. Concise.