It’s official: Philadelphia has record heat

Now remember prior post: climate is longer-term general pattern for a regional area while weather is short-term variations within a smaller area. And a record, or recorded history, simply means from the  time instrument record information was tracked [about 1850 in the Eastern U.S.] . Okay, so Philadelphia now has a record number of days this year … Continue reading

Weather or Climate?

Think of “weather” as today’s conditions and maybe forecasts a week ahead. Think of “climate” as a large regional pattern of a range of “normal” conditions through all four seasons, such as generally arid [desert regions], generally rainy [equatorial], generally moderate [Mid-Atlantic USA] etc. “World” climate is not meaningful at all unless underlying trend in … Continue reading

Tornado in New York City?

Extensive tree damage in New York City last week possibly from a tornado, but not certain. Perfect climate science still not a reality.

Hurricane Igor Batters Bermuda

Damage, but luckily severe Category 4 Hurricane Igor slowed to Category 1 upon impact


Hurricane Karl battering Mexico; Igor approaching Bermuda. Read A Truthful Myth

Climate or Weather? Records?

Think about this:  September 2010 — monsoon rains in Pakistan result in eight million homeless while Philadelphia region puts out a drought alert.  Back in February/March, Philadelphia had record snowfall while in June had the hottest month on record. World average temperatures in 2010 may be warmest on record yet Argentina had record cold as did Southern California. … Continue reading

YouTube Video

On You Tube go to “global warming video A Truthful Myth” or “global warming video Roger Colley” or just to “A Truthful Myth” to see 1 minute video trailer of the new book

New Website Launched on Global Warming Controversy

Look for announcement on PRnewswire release Tuesday Sept 7 of new truthfulmyths .com website

Hurricane Earl

East Coast spared from devastation as cold front coming in from the Mid-west keeps the storm center at sea