Chaos — Weather or Climate?

A headline in today’s Washington Post — “Chaos at European airports as winter weather cancels thousands of flights”. Another example of how difficult it is for the public to accept that we are experiencing “devastating global warming”. More science please.

21 degrees now/was 65 same day 1923

Mid-December East Coast. We learn to live with “weather” extremes, but the question is: do we prevent, mitigate, or adapt to “climate change”? Stay tuned.

Cancun Climate Conference winds up while blizzard snow collapses football stadium roof

The annual U.N. Climate Conference in Cancun ended with no progress on setting mandatory limits on carbon emissions. The 192 nations did agree on a $100 bil per year fund by 2020 to help poorer nations cope but no word on how this “Green Fund” would be financed.  Meanwhile blizzard conditions pounded the Midwest and the Minneapolis … Continue reading

Melting Ice/Florida Cold

Delegates at UN Climate Conference in Cancun expressing concern about retreating glaciers could mean less water availability in SE Asia. Southern Florida experiencing lowest morning temperatures in years. Weather extremes versus climate warming. The challenge of Man’s involvement on top of natural variability continues.

Rain/No Rain

Worst floods in a century in Bosnia are forcing the evacution of thousands, while not too far away no rain in eight months in Israel created conditions for the worst brush fire in its modern history. Human-induced climate change or weather anomalies?

Supreme Court Again

In 2007, the lawyers of our U.S. Supreme Court reached an incredible decision in a 5-4 vote that carbon dioxide [I exhale 1000 lbs. per year of it, and my trees and plants use it as their #1 nutrient] is a “pollutant” — meaning that the EPA has the authority to regulate its release. Now … Continue reading

More Global Warming Confusion

On December 1, 2010 The UN’s panel on climate change began its annual conference in Cancun, Mexico with 15,000 attendees and a leadoff address by Mexican President Calderon stating that recent examples show how climate change is adversely affecting the planet: hurricane in Mexico, fires in Russia, and floods in Pakistan. Ironically at the same … Continue reading

Official Confusion

U.S. Representative Baird, Chair of the House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment held hearings November 17, 2010 to discuss the current state of global warming science. How interesting that all the participating scientists agreed that the planet has witnessed some warming, that carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas makes some contribution to that warming, and … Continue reading