Expecting Droughts–Receiving Floods

Complex this Global Warming Stuff — Australia has been expecting climate change droughts but caught unexpecting for serious La Nina floods. Note though that the recent Brisbane floods were 10 feet BELOW the city’s 1892 record flood. What’s next?

California Superstorm?

U.S. Geological Survey reports hypothetical but not improbable massive flooding event should be prepared for — superstorms which happened to intense degrees about 5 times over the last 1000 years. Not clear on the causes, but I agree on the preparation.

August Sun Bursts

While some climate scientists attribute the hot 2010 summer to global warming, a report from earthweek.com points to complex, puzzling, intense bursts of charged particles bursting out towards earth in early August. Hmmm — read A Truthful Myth.

Hot 2010 Summer

Some climate scientists ascribe the hottest July in western Russia since records began and the 10 states in the U.S. with all-time record warm summers [since instruments began recording 140 years ago] to global warming. However, check my next posting for some new scientific findings.

Climate Change — An Adverse Impact

While warmer temperatures may increase world food production, not so for an important tea growing region in India. Not only is production down due to increased dampness as temperatures have risen, but the taste of the area’s strong breakfast teas has weakened. Not a good sign for India’s tea farmers.

Florida Water Too Cold

The big swimming mammals – the manatees — are finding the Florida waters too cold and are seeking out warmer waters around power plant discharges. Strange thing this global warming.

Global Warming Equals Global Cooling!?

Early season blizzards in Europe and the U.S. have some climate scientists offering this explanation: warming oceans evaporate more moisture to the atmosphere, resulting in more snow over vast Siberia, resulting in changing jet stream patterns, resulting on more cold air whistling south. [I like it–keep the science open.]