Snow in Hollywood?

More wild storms across the USA this weekend again beg the question: ‘What’s going on?” Natural variations? Global warming? Find out the truth.

Einstein Worried About It

Another debate about climate change has arisen: some geolgists note the changing positions of the magnetic North and South poles could produce greater climate changes [e.g. superstorms] than global warming. Most physicists disagree. More science please.

Super Bowl Snow

Yes, it’s snowing in Dallas Texas, site of Sunday’s NFL Super Bowl. This football season finale is targeted for locations where the weather is warm. Hmmmm.

Monster Blizzard/Catastrophic Cyclone

More devastating weather extremes on opposite sides of the globe as huge blizzard paralyzes the U.S. Midwest while tropical Category 5 Cyclone Yasi [hurricane] slams into NE Australia with winds stronger than Katrina. What’s going on?