17th Annual UN Climate Conference: Frustration!

Similar to Copenhagan in 2009 and Cancun in 2010, the just concluded 2011 climate change conference in Durban ended in frustration that the largest emitters of greenhouse gases cannot agree on legally binding limits as their expanding populations and economies require additional energy resources just as new fossil fuel sources are being found and developed. Thousands of climate scientists left the meeting only knowing that the parties will again try to forge an agreement ahead in the future. Again. my RAMP solution is the most rational that I can come up with to satisfy all but the radical alarmists on one side [maybe 10%[ and the radical deniers on the other [maybe 5%]. The other 85% range from the strong believers that the warmer planet recently is due to mostly man’s emissions to the skeptics who accept the warming trend but are uncertain as to the split betwenn man and natural variations. RAMP: more and better Research; new ways to ADAPT to climate changes; technology discoveries to MITIGATE against fossil fuel emissions with more economic alternatives ; and increased focus on PREPARATION against weather/climate/natural disasters.

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