“The evidence is incontrovertible.”

Nobel prize winner, Ivar Giaever, resigned from his prestigious physics society for their sticking by their statement regarding man-made climate change. Could it be true that the science is not settled?

Al Gore’s “Climate Reality” Webcast

The alarmists still insist on a “crisis” as witnessed by recent floods, fires and storms, but most climate scientists not yet sure. Stay tuned.

Global Warming Irene?

Hardly. The massive Category 1 Hurricane actually downgraded to Tropical Storm status when it came ashore on Long Island Sunday. Most damage was fallen tress and flooding inland. Few know that in 1821 a Category 4 flooded lower Manhattan and in 1938 a Category 3 hurricane striking Long Island resulted in 600 deaths.

My Hot Philly !

Hit a horrid humid 103F July 22, 2011, but Phila record since records began in 1880 was 106 on August 7, 1918. But majority of climate scientists warn it’s the higher world average recently as indication of the problem we’re facing. What’s ahead?

Global Warming — Closed case or open case?

Four recent radio shows getting my rational global warming solution out. Click brainstorminonline.com/roger-colley-explores-both-sides-of-global-warming/

The East at 99 Degrees!

Climatologist on ABC News states it’s global warming. Another says it’s a stuck Bermuda high. I checked: normal average temperatures in London, Tokyo and Rome and cool in the West. I wonder.

Most Popular Question: What’s behind recent weather extremes?

A warming planet causing more violent storm activity? Or a normal periodic spurt occuring in nature? Stay tuned.

Arctic Melting: Man’s CO2 or Man’s Soot?

New studies disclose carbon black soot from impure burning may be significant contributor to Arctic ice melting [absorbing heat and reducing reflected sunshine]. The science is never done.

More Extreme Weather!

April 16, 2011 — Heavy rain in East; no rain in Texas; devastating tornadoes all the way to North Carolina. Who has the answer why?

Weather Variables Forever

Big warming today in Phila at 80 degrees, but it was 87 this date in 1922. Tomorrow 63.